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Welcome to Brad's Guitars!

Hi, my name is Brad Mundwiler. I’d like to take a moment to acquaint you with who I am, and how I have acquired 35 years of experience.  I’m a professional player who came to my trade out of natural curiosity, having torn apart a number of Strats, Jazzmasters, and Les Paul’s, trying to “Modify” them to suit my specific requirements.  In the process I learned sometimes through trial & error, but I learned.  Already well into it I later in the 1980’s spent an amount of time with Wayne Charvelle of Charvelle guitar fame, and honed my skills even more and became a qualified builder and repairman

Since then I’ve been a guitar tech for Five stores, as well as having my own shop where many area players bring me work.  I’m a FENDER warranty repairman as well as doing GIBSON/EPIPHONE warranty work through my Riverside affiliate, “The Amp Doctor”.

I encourage you to take a look through the rest of our site and to get an idea of some of the services we can provide you with!