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Check out some of our answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

Q:  Why should you “Dress” new frets?
A:  Because the action can only go as low as the highest fret on the fret board and only the better companies level their frets at the factory.  If your happy with your guitars action, fine, but if you want it to play closer you must have level frets, re-crowned properly, to get it to play right.  Most places charge extra for this, whereas I include it in a complete setup.

Q:  Should your guitar be set up differently for “dropped, alternate” tunings or completely tuned down playing?
A:  Yes, absolutely especially if your guitar has a Floyd-Rose style bridge, because, varying string tensions can greatly throw the bridge out of adjustment.  An example would be: does your bridge angle up or down instead of sitting parallel to the top?  If so, this is related to string tensions and is correctable with proper adjustment.

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